Kourion: Flashback to the 2nd Century BC

Visit Kourion on the southern coast of Cyprus and you will stand in awe of this archaeological site with its magnificent Greco-Roman theatre dating back to the 2nd century BC. Until it was destroyed in a powerful earthquake in 365 AD, Kourion was a flourishing city kingdom, as evidenced in the well preserved remains, which include a Roman agora. 

Such is the beauty and magic of theatre’s unique location directly overlooking the Mediterranean blue, that it was fully restored in order to host open-air concerts and theatre performances. On summer nights, audiences flock to Kourion theatre to enjoy everything from ancient Greek drama to Shakespeare plays, all performed under starry skies and enhanced with the sea breeze. A visit to Kourion theatre will rank among the most memorable experiences during your Cyprus holiday; one which combines history and culture in the ultimate Mediterranean setting.

Kourio cyprus sea
The arcaeological site of the ancient city of Kourio which is located in the district of Limassol, Cyprus. A view of the ancient theatre and the beach from the hill.

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Yiannos Trisokkas

Yiannos Trisokkas is the Director of Casamont Cyprus Ltd overseeing operations in Cyprus and Greece. He has also been the Managing Partner of Henley & Partners Cyprus Ltd since 2013, with Greece’s Golden Visa Program within his ambit. He serves as the Chairman of the Real Estate Committee and Member of the Management Board of Henley & Partners.