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Casamont is home to attractive lifestyle properties in the cosmopolitan capital, Athens, and on some of the most popular Greek Islands. Please contact our offices for a full introduction to some of our unique opportunities.



A unique place to be and a wonderful destination to discover

Mediterranean Lifestyle

Living in Greece is a real pleasure, with more than 300 days of sunshine per year. The country’s rich cultural heritage, history, and traditions make it a clear favourite among those who are seeking to relocate to Europe or wish to acquire a second residence or a holiday home in an inviting environment. The Greek islands add a touch of magic to the country.

Apart from its natural beauty, this Mediterranean destination offers, among other things, a high quality of life in a safe environment, residence privileges for families, and freedom to travel.

Attractive real estate market

When you look at Greece from an investors perspective, you will recognise great potential in the real estate market. Despite its small size, the country presents unique investment opportunities in both residential and commercial properties, especially in the capital, Athens.

As the economy picks up slowly but surely, and with it the property market, confidence is growing steadily among international investors. In addition to the country’s natural beauty, its moderate climate and friendly environment, property prices are extremely attractive compared to other EU countries. It is therefore not surprising that Greece currently ranks among the preferred investment destinations around the world. This increasing demand is driven primarily by two factors: Tourism –one of the main pillars of the Greek economy – and the successful Golden Visa program for non-EU nationals.

As one of the most visited destinations in Europe and beyond, Greece welcomes millions of travelers a year seeking holiday rental properties. This demand for short-term accommodation allows investors who buy property in or close to touristic locations to benefit from high returns.

On the other hand, Greece’s Golden Visa program grants the privileges of a Permanent Residence (PR) permit to investors and their families who purchase real estate in Greece with a minimum value of €250.000. As such, the Golden Visa program is regarded among international investors as one of the most affordable and popular residence by investment programs in Europe.

Properties in key areas of Athens and some of the popular islands are in high demand, offering buyers an excellent quality of life, a cosmopolitan lifestyle, and high returns on their investment.

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