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Casamont is home to some of Cyprus’ most attractive lifestyle properties. Please contact our offices for a full introduction to some of our unique opportunities.



A small island with a long history and rich culture

The Charm of Cyprus

Anyone trying to describe what makes Cyprus special will recognize that it’s a classic case of the whole being more than the sum of its parts. The island’s appeal is a balanced blend of historical wealth mixed with legend, sandy beaches and mountain forests, delicious food and traditional celebrations – all under the sunny skies and starry nights that epitomize our Mediterranean region.

Bringing this naturally attractive island to life and close to people’s hearts is the local population. Hospitable, outgoing and approachable, they make it easy for anyone and everyone to feel safe and at ease in Cyprus.

Desirable real estate

The real estate market in Cyprus has a few salient features. As an island, Cyprus offers investment opportunities in residential as well as commercial properties close to the sea, in areas which by definition rank as prime locations. Combine coastal sites with proximity to popular tourist resorts and the value and potential are automatically multiplied. Add to that the fact that the island is small, and therefore the availability of seafront property for sale is limited, and it becomes clear that demand will always be greater than supply.

In recent years, one more factor has made investments in Cyprus real estate even more attractive: Selected upmarket resort developments are fully serviced and offered in combination with extensive property management services. Such packages are ideal for investors who only visit periodically or buy to rent, as they attract the most demanding and high-spending holiday rental market.

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