21 July, 2020

Akamas Nature Trails

The Akamas peninsula in the northwestern corner of Cyprus is home to an unspoiled and protected natural habitat covering an area of 17,910 hectares.

In cooperation with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the forestry department has mapped out several trails with a total length of approximately 25km that crisscross the peninsula and offer hikers the best of Cyprus nature. The trails are incorporated in the E4 nature route which extends from Gibraltar to Cyprus, crossing eight European countries. Some trails are linear, others are circular, but all promise a tranquil and inspiring experience that is a pure antidote to the pressures of contemporary urban living.

At the location known as “Smygies”, a large picnic site that can accommodate about 600 people allows you to rest, relax and absorb the air of Akamas while you enjoy a shared meal with family or friends.

Akamas Peninsula

For more details and degrees of difficulty, visit: https://www.chooseyourcyprus.com/akamas-nature-trails.html

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